Let’s Talk Loyalism is an advocacy group which aims to articulate Loyalist perspectives and initiate positive change for the Loyalist community

Let’s Talk Loyalism aims to:


Educate, empower, and equip the next generation of Loyalists through articulating Loyalist perspectives in a rational and persuasive way.


Promote the advantages of Northern Ireland being and remaining an integral part of the United Kingdom.

Investigate Inequality

Investigate and expose issues of injustice, inequality and disadvantage impacting Unionist and Loyalist communities.

Research & Recommend Policy

Research, recommend, and lobby for policy change which positively impacts the Loyalist community and Northern Ireland.

Initiate Change

Implement valuable initiatives focused on addressing needs within the Loyalist community. This will include designing and delivering educational, social, cultural and community projects for the purpose of benefiting the Loyalist community.

Build Relationships

Build relationships and engage with communities, community groups, media, political parties and other bodies in Northern Ireland and the wider United Kingdom.

Challenge Stereotypes

Challenge outdated and inaccurate stereotypes about the Loyalist community and highlight talent, positive work, and success.

To equip and empower the Loyalist community to build a better future

What We Do

Let’s Talk

A soapbox for Loyalism consisting of a variety of contributors articulating their perspectives on current affairs.

Let’s Research

Reports, qualitative and quantitative research, letters, and statements.

Let’s Broadcast

Videos, interviews, podcasts, panel discussions and other organised events.

Let’s Initiate

Initiatives and projects which positively impact the Loyalist community.

Let’s Talk

“Thoughts from an emergent Loyalist” by Glenn Millar

Unity – a word and concept that has been spoken of repeatedly in the loyalist/unionist community, for what seems like years now yet remaining a seemingly ever elusive reality. It’s been used in many different…

“A Culture for All” by Andy McCormick

One of the countless skills we have as a people in Northern Ireland is our ability to ‘critique’ our friends, our family and even strangers in the street. We are…

Welcome to Let’s Talk Loyalism.

Let’s Talk Loyalism is a Loyalist advocacy group which aims to articulate Loyalist perspectives and initiate positive change within the Loyalist community. For a long time now, Loyalism has been…
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