Let’s Talk Loyalism is proud to finally publish our ‘Loyalist Engagement Survey: Protocol, Policing, and Politics’ Report.

In August of this year, we launched an online survey using SurveyMonkey and circulated it with individuals and organisations within the Loyalist community.

Over 1000 respondents completed our 19-question survey and answered questions relating to the Northern Ireland Protocol, the Police Service of Northern Ireland, and political matters.

It is the first of many quantitative research projects we intend to do. Let’s Talk Loyalism began with the intention to be an authentic vehicle for the Loyalist community to have its voice heard.

Let’s Talk Loyalism is not affiliated with any party or political position.

The vision of our group is all about “communicating Loyalism and enabling change.” We hope those who read this report can develop a greater understanding of Loyalist perspectives and greater comprehend some of the key issues facing the Loyalist community today.

You can download the report below by CLICKING ON THE LINK.