A new Red C Poll for The Sunday Business Post reveals opposition to a new flag, anthem, and guaranteed unionist cabinet positions in a so-called United Ireland.

The same poll ironically found support for the continuation of a power-sharing Assembly in Northern Ireland. Therefore, it seems Sinn Fein’s leader in the Republic, Mary Lou McDonald, who told their recent Ard Fheis: “This is the time to end partition,” is at odds with the people of Ireland.

Far from London, who contribute billions to our block grant “not wanting” us, it appears, with a meagre 41% in favour of a United Ireland if it meant paying higher taxes, it is in fact Dublin who “don’t want” us.

One wonders what these self-appointed nationalists will be screaming across their tables after these findings. Perhaps they’ll finally come to the realisation that there is a real world outside their echo chambers.

Although somehow I doubt it.

By Dean McCullough